# About Stan

Software Engineer | Digerati is the most concise way I, Stanley Ndagi, choose to describe myself.

Welcome to the long version of it, below.


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# Who am I?


  • 🇰🇪 is Kenyan (by birth) & identify as a global citizen!
  • 🖥️ I mostly work from home
  • ✍️ enjoys writing
  • 🥾 likes the outdoors (hiking, camping)
  • 🙏 is a believer of Jesus Christ (Moreopen in new window)

# What do I do?

# Personal Mantra

Invoke the builder and serve

# What does this mean?

Besides being a creative head (building stuff and tinkering) I like to believe that I go beyond self and work on impacting others.

This mantra reminds me of this identity; calling me to action!

# Building & Serving

  • Software engineering - My Devstoryopen in new window.
  • Teaching (wholesomely breaking barriers, real or imagined!)
  • Taking up Leadership opportunities
  • DIY - Do It Yourself projects
  • Mentoring
  • ... the list continues (It's a lifelong journey)

TechKln communityopen in new window is a brainchild of mine.

# Publications

# In the media

# Personal Projects

Find more at code.stanmd.tkopen in new window

# Written pieces

# Et al - miscellaneous

I share these, chiefly, to give insight

# 'Fandom' - people and initiatives I fancy

I'm not the stan* kind of a fan (bad joke 😅) but here's my non-exhaustive list:

# All time favourites

These cut across learning, entertainment, insight and DIY

# #OneWord365

It's said time and tide wait for no man. As far as planning for one's time goes, I think that new year resolutions is single most common time people zero-in on this. Yet, some forget weeks later, clouded by the day-to-day of life.

An alternative, I came across in 2018 is the OneWord365 philosophyopen in new window. It's not a new concept in any sense but I recommend it whenever I can. Basically, you prayerfully and meditatively settle on one word to guide you every year - talk of the significance of words!

Here are my musings on the same, ever sinceopen in new window.

# Where else can I be found?

My home in the WWW* is hereopen in new window. You can find me around the web at:

Use any of the last four links hereopen in new window if you'd like to reach out including meeting upopen in new window 😄

tinkerer*: a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts. (Referenceopen in new window).

stan*: (portmanteau of Stalker & fan) a particularly, perhaps excessively, avid fan. (Referenceopen in new window).

WWW*: World Wide Web