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Build an App with VueJS and Django Part One (on ScotchIO)

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Sometime back I challenged myself to build a Django app and use VueJS for it’s frontend. There are a lot of Laravel and VueJS tutorials out there and even within Scotch. Actually VueJS caught the attention of Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, so much so that he personally endorses it. I however struggled to find a good resource on combining Django and VueJS. Here’s a tutorial that would have been an answer to my questions back then. A testament of my learnings so far.


This is your gateway to having the VueJS’s sweetness in a Django app. Later articles will dig deeper as I cover routing and state management.

What this article will cover: …

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The app here uses vue-django, a VueJS-Django-Webpack boilerplate I extended to be used by anyone who wants to tinker with both frameworks complementing each other.